A Summary of Key Points from Submission to Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology [ACART] on the Use of Frozen Eggs in Fertility Treatment
Abortion and God’s Mercy and Grace
Abortion Law Reform and the State’s Interest in Protecting Unborn Life [SYNOPSIS ONLY]
Abortion law reform: What would Anna Patterson Stout say?
Abortion Trauma, Grief and Healing
Abortion, feminism and disability
After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? A disability perspective
Alarm over genetic control of embryos
Assisted Human Reproduction: The New Zealand Situation
Audrey Echevarria on the ever increasing practice of 'outsourcing pregnancy'
Bioethics in the News A brief introduction to two recent developments in bio-technology – gene or genome editing and Non-invasive Prenatal Testing.
Book Review - The ethics of abortion: Women's rights
Confronting the Distortions: Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome and Prenatal Testing
Dignitas Personae: The Dignity of a Person
Does ‘Ethics’ get in the way?
Dr Lisa Bridle on mothers of children with Down syndrome
Editorial - Allowing Grace to Catch Up
Editorial - Why are abortion advocates afraid of informed choice?
Editorial: Abortion - Technology and Truth
Editorial: Anniversaries
Editorial: Bioethics, Politics and Slovenly Language: Lessons from History
Editorial: Single mothers are saints
GUEST EDITORIAL: Poverty and abortion
Guidelines for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in New Zealand
Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill
Human Embryos and Research - Have Your Say
I am Pro-Life. Don’t Call me Anti-Abortion [SYNOPSIS ONLY]
Import and Export of Gametes and Embryos: Proposed advice to the Minister of Health
Jesús Valentino: 26 October - 10 November, 2014
Joint Written and Oral Submission to the Abortion Legislation Committee NZ Catholic Bishops Conference and The Nathaniel Centre
Law Commission Recommendations
Living Persons and Natural Bodies
Monsignor Vincent Joseph Hunt
New Zealand Abortion Law to be “modernised so it is treated as a health issue” [Synopsis]
Please do not make a hole in the dike
Potential and Actual Persons
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Disability and a Catholic Ethic of Caring
Prenatal Testing Background
Proposed Abortion Law Reform in New Zealand
Reflecting on Prenatal Detecting
Reflections on Post Abortion Care
Response to ACART [1] Draft Guidelines on the Use of Donated Eggs in Conjunction with Donated Sperm
Review of the Abortion Laws in New Zealand: Submission to the Law Commission – May 2018
Richard Stith on the moral status of the human embryo and fetus
Stem Cells: The Ethical Debate
Submission on the Use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis - Saviour Siblings
Submission to ACART on extending the storage period of gametes and embryos
Submission to ACART on Informed Consent and Assisted Reproductive Technology
Submission to ACART on Posthumous Reproduction: A review of the current Guidelines
Submission to ACART on Proposed Changes to Donation Guidelines and Surrogacy
The abortion debate – an unhelpful dichotomy
The Buttons Project – Towards healing from abortion
The Complexities of Cloning
The Gift of Poetry and Down Syndrome [SYNOPSIS ONLY]
The Moral Case for Embryo Adoption
The Moral Status of the Embryo
The Pain of an Abortion: It Can Take Years, Sometimes Decades! Stephanie Kitching
The Use of Gametes and Embryos in Human Reproductive Research: Determining Policy for New Zealand
Update on The Human Assisted Reproductive Technology (HART) Bill
Vatican Updates Catholic Teaching on the Dignity of Human Life
Whangai, Surrogacy and Adoption
Who Gets Born? A Response from The Nathaniel Centre
[Synopsis Only] Mind the Gap: Every Pregnancy Needs to be Celebrated
[Synopsis Only] Reasons Women Seek Abortions
‘After-birth abortion’ a new euphemism?