ACART Proposed Donation Guidelines: Submission
“A Strategy to Prevent Suicide in New Zealand. 2017. A Draft for Consultation”
HDC Consultation on research involving adult participants who are unable to give informed consent (2017)
Submission to ACART on extending the storage period of gametes and embryos
Maintaining a principled ethical approach in the face of a global fertility market
Submission on PHARMAC Decision Making Criteria
Proposed Amendments to Guidelines on Surrogacy Arrangements Involving Providers of Fertility Services and Guidelines on Donation of Eggs or Sperm between Certain Family Members
Submission to ACART on the Use of In Vitro Maturation (March 2009)
Submission to ACART on the Use of Donated Eggs in Conjunction with Donated Sperm (March 2009)
Consultation on the Use of Frozen Eggs in Fertility Treatment: Discussion Document (2008)
Submission on Aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology (August 2007)
Submission from The New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference and The Nathaniel Centre on The Use of Gametes and Embryos in Human Reproductive Research: Determining Policy for New Zealand (2007)
Submission on Human Tissue (Organ Donation) Amendment Bill (2006)
Submission to the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA)"Consideration of Ethical Issues in HSNO Act Processes" (2005)
Submission to the National Ethics Committee on Assisted Human Reproduction (NECAHR) on Embryo Donation for Reproductive Purposes (2004)
Submission to the Education and Science Select Committee on the New Organisms and Other Matters Bill (2003)
Submission to Health Select Committee on Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill (2003)
Submission to the National Ethics Committee on Assisted Human Reproduction (NECAHR) on the Draft Guidelines for Non-commercial Altruistic Surrogacy Using IVF as Treatment (2001)
New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference submission to the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification (2001)