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End-of-Life Care
Euthanasia and the Common Good
Euthanasia would hurt doctors and society
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Euthanasia, Assisted suicide and the Medical Profession: ‘Keep Doctors Out of It’.
Euthanasia: A Pacific Island (Tokelauan/Samoan/Cook Island) perspective
Finding meaning in serious illness and suffering
From ageism to elder abuse to euthanasia?
From the Heart - A Physician's Perspective
From the Heart – A Relative's Perspective
Further Considerations in Relation to the Refusal of Nutrition and Hydration
Giving and Receiving: An Alternative Framework for Discerning the Good. Revisiting the Question of Physician-Assisted Suicide
Going Too Far
Gospel Perspectives for an Embodied Spirituality of Care
Guest Editorial: The place of elderly persons and our responsibility for care
Guides for people considering their future health care
International Colloquium: Globalization and the Culture of Life : Care of the Frail Elderly and the Dying
Interview with Professor Erny Gillen – Moral Theologian and Bioethicist from Luxembourg
JoCare: Caring for Neighbours
Kate’s Story: “The person inside the person with dementia”
Life is a Gift from God
London without old people is just a factory floor
Making a difference in aged care: a geriatrician speaks
Making a Difference in Challenging Environments
Making death easier makes life harder
Oral Submission to the Justice Select Committee on the End of Life Choice Bill
Ordinary Means Extraordinary Means: A Valid Distinction?
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Reflections on Aging
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Speaking to a Secular Age
Spiritual care at the end of life What is spirituality?
Spirituality, Suffering and Dementia
Statement on Artificial Nutrition and Hydration
Stepping Out Into Aged Care - Acknowledging Possibility
Striking a Balance in Truth Telling
Submission to the Justice Select Committee: End of Life Choice Bill
Submissions to the Health Select Committee Investigation into Ending One’s Life:
The Abbeyfield concept
The CDF Statement on Artificial Nutrition and Hydration: What Should We Make of It?
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The Voice of Your Despair
Understanding the Use of Advance Directives in New Zealand
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Youth Offending: Is it About Justice or Health?
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“Every moment is an opportunity for greatness” (A Heschel)