Issue 64 online


Issue 64 of the Nathaniel Report is now available online here (PDF, 200Kb)

The issue contains articles on euthanasia, sustainability and abortion that we trust you will find informative.

We understand that PDFs are not an ideal format for people who are visually impaired. For those of you who may struggle to read the PDF, there is also an option to have the articles read aloud to you through a web app called Natural Readers:

  • Go to using your preferred browser
  • Click on “Go To Online Reader” 
  • Drag the PDF file above and drop in the text box on the natural readers website as per the instructions 
  • You can choose the accent and the speed of the reader 
  • Go to the page or article that you wish to have read out and ‘play’ and ‘pause’ as you would with any other audio file.
    We trust that you find something of interest in this issue.