A Strategy to Prevent Suicide in New Zealand (2017): A Draft for Consultation.
"God, meet Synthia. Synthia, this is God."
"It's life Jim but not as we know it."
"When Did You Last See Your Father?"
"When does palliative care begin?" Notes from a seminar
"When is a rose not a rose?" : Reflections on Moral Decision Making
A comment on the Liverpool Care Pathway
A Letter to ACART from Father James B Lyons
A National Strategy for Palliative Care
A Summary of Key Points from Submission to Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology [ACART] on the Use of Frozen Eggs in Fertility Treatment
A World Cleansed of Imperfections?
Abortion and God’s Mercy and Grace
Abortion Law Reform and the State’s Interest in Protecting Unborn Life [SYNOPSIS ONLY]
Abortion law reform: What would Anna Patterson Stout say?
Abortion Trauma, Grief and Healing
Abortion, feminism and disability
Address of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI
Address of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to the New Zealand Envoy
Advance Care Planning: Q&A for Faith Communities
Advance Directives: A view from the office of the Health and Disability Commissioner
After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? A disability perspective
Age Discrimination
Aged Care, Elder Abuse and Euthanasia: “A fairer, kinder New Zealand”?
Aged Health Care and Ethical Business Practice
Aging and Dying in Prison
AIDS and Condoms: an Ongoing Debate
Alarm over genetic control of embryos
An Interview with Mary Schumacher
Assisted Human Reproduction: The New Zealand Situation
Audrey Echevarria on the ever increasing practice of 'outsourcing pregnancy'
Autonomy and Community Care: Are They Compatible in Aged Care?
Autonomy and dementia: what has been left unthought
Beneficiary birth control: Just enough of me – way too many of you
Bioethics in the News - Dealing with the Alzheimer's "Tsunami"
Bioethics in the News A brief introduction to two recent developments in bio-technology – gene or genome editing and Non-invasive Prenatal Testing.
Biofuels - a burning issue
Book Review - Health Cheque: The Truth we should all know about New Zealand's Public Health System
Book Review - Judgement day: The struggle for life on earth
Book Review - The ethics of abortion: Women's rights
Book Review: Five Days at Memorial
Book Review: “Dear Life. On Caring for the Elderly” by Karen Hitchcock
Bringing Dementia Patients to Life
Carrying the Weight of Ourselves: Compassion and the Divine Art of Kindness
Catholic Health Australia releases new Advance Care Plan
Child Poverty and Euthanasia: joining the dots
Christian Moral Argument and Natural Law "Faith and Reason" or "Faith vs. Reason"
Christianity and the ecological crisis: ‘lament, hope and action’
Clinical - Ethical Judgements without "short cuts"
Compassion as a moral duty
Compassion Fatigue in Nursing
Compassion Fatigue: an institutional issue
Confronting the Distortions: Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome and Prenatal Testing
Conscience and the Second Vatican Council
Coronary Artery Calcification Scanning : Ethical Issues of a New Diagnostic Test
Creating Welcoming Churches: a disability resource for faith communities
Cultural Issues in End of Life Care
Death as a Penalty: A Moral, Practical, and Theological Discussion
Defining New Zealand Palliative Care: A Discussion Document
Dementia, identity and spirituality
Developments in Embryo Research
Dignitas Personae: The Dignity of a Person
Dignity and Dying at Much Older Ages
Dignity and the Environment
Dignity Wrapped in a Scarf of Gold: A Physician’s Reflection
Does dying with dignity always mean actively ending life?
Does ‘Ethics’ get in the way?
Dr Lisa Bridle on mothers of children with Down syndrome
Editorial - Aging with Grace: Mercy and Bioethics
Editorial - All suicides matter – connecting the dots
Editorial - Allowing Grace to Catch Up
Editorial - Hope and Bioethics: The Power of Narrative
Editorial - Taking a Deeper View
Editorial - The Euthanasia Debate: ‘Play the ball and not the man’
Editorial - Why are abortion advocates afraid of informed choice?
Editorial : Faith and Reason - Reflections on a debate...
Editorial : Remembering Rosa
Editorial Euthanasia: A case of ‘selective listening’?
Editorial – Speaking Truth to Power: Youth Urge Action on Climate Change
EDITORIAL ‘You do it, Mr Seymour’: Euthanasia is not part of healthcare
Editorial: "The old, old story..."
Editorial: Abortion - Technology and Truth
Editorial: Anniversaries
Editorial: Assisted suicide - right to die or duty to die?
Editorial: Beyond Slogans
Editorial: Bioethics - Challenges for the Church
Editorial: Bioethics and Decision Making
Editorial: Bioethics and Politics: The Axing of the Bioethics Council, Toi te Taiao
Editorial: Bioethics and Poverty
Editorial: Bioethics and the Paradox of the Human Condition
Editorial: Bioethics and Theology in Conversation
Editorial: Bioethics, Politics and Slovenly Language: Lessons from History
Editorial: Compassion - Beyond Constraint
Editorial: Compassion Fatigue
Editorial: Engaging with Society
Editorial: Ethics and Trust
Editorial: Euthanasia "let's at least have a robust debate!"
Editorial: Euthanasia Memo to MPs: ‘Hard Cases Make Bad Law’
Editorial: Euthanasia-on-demand and without demand – let’s not kid ourselves
Editorial: HIV-AIDS in Oceania
Editorial: Listening to the Culture
Editorial: Making Connections - The Consistent Ethic of Life
Editorial: Nathaniel (Hebrew: "Gift of God")
Editorial: Opportunities at the End of Life
Editorial: Organ donation - An Enduring Gift
Editorial: Principles and Process: Lessons from Winter
Editorial: Single mothers are saints
Editorial: The Church (and bioethics) in the (post) modern world
Editorial: The Zika virus and contraception: Has Pope Francis changed the rules?
Election 2014: A statement by the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand
End-of-Life Care
ERMA and Ethical Issues
Ethical Criteria Outlined for Use of Genetically Modified Organisms
Ethically compromised vaccines and Catholic teaching
Ethically Compromised Vaccines in New Zealand
Ethics and the Internet
Ethics and The Treaty of Waitangi
Ethics Committees – guardians of research participants’ rights or expediters of clinical research?
Eugenics in New Zealand
Eugenics wasn’t always a dirty word
Eugenics, past and future
Euthanasia and the Common Good
Euthanasia polls: What do they really tell us?
Euthanasia would hurt doctors and society
Euthanasia – the bigger picture
Euthanasia, Assisted suicide and the Medical Profession: ‘Keep Doctors Out of It’.
Euthanasia: A Pacific Island (Tokelauan/Samoan/Cook Island) perspective
Exploring the Role of Health Professionals in Truth Telling: A Nursing Perspective
Facebook in ethics face-off
Families – Why the Families Commission Chose Function over Form
Finding meaning in serious illness and suffering
Follow Your Conscience
Forward: In the Healthy Company of Tradition
From ageism to elder abuse to euthanasia?
From CD to MP3 for Free? The Principle of Moral Cooperation
From the Heart - A Physician's Perspective
From the Heart – A Relative's Perspective
Further Considerations in Relation to the Refusal of Nutrition and Hydration
Genetically Modified Foods: Some Issues
Getting Tired of Me Getting Tired of You?
Giving and Receiving: An Alternative Framework for Discerning the Good. Revisiting the Question of Physician-Assisted Suicide
Going Too Far
Gospel Perspectives for an Embodied Spirituality of Care
Greta Thunberg Will Save the World: A Response to Damien Grant
Guest Editorial: Concerning Information, Knowledge and Wisdom
Guest Editorial: Decisions, decisions...
Guest Editorial: Morality and Reality
GUEST EDITORIAL: Poverty and abortion
Guest Editorial: The place of elderly persons and our responsibility for care
Guest Editorial: The Stories We Live By
Guidelines for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in New Zealand
Guides for people considering their future health care
HDC Consultation on research involving adult participants who are unable to give informed consent.
HIV-AIDS: Understanding the Power of Stigma
Hope and Despair: the Funding of Herceptin
Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill
Human Embryos and Research - Have Your Say
Human Tissue (Organ Donation) Amendment Bill - July 2006
I am Pro-Life. Don’t Call me Anti-Abortion [SYNOPSIS ONLY]
Impact and Challenge: 25 Years of Bioethics
Import and Export of Gametes and Embryos: Proposed advice to the Minister of Health
Informed Choice and Consent
International Colloquium: Globalization and the Culture of Life : Care of the Frail Elderly and the Dying
Interview with Professor Erny Gillen – Moral Theologian and Bioethicist from Luxembourg
Jesús Valentino: 26 October - 10 November, 2014
JoCare: Caring for Neighbours
Joint Written and Oral Submission to the Abortion Legislation Committee NZ Catholic Bishops Conference and The Nathaniel Centre
Kate’s Story: “The person inside the person with dementia”
Kidney Transplantation: A New Zealand Perspective
Law Commission Recommendations
Let Justice Flow Like a River
Letter from a Kidney Donor
Letter to a first time voter
Life is a Gift from God
Living Persons and Natural Bodies
Living with Dystopia
Living with Freedom [SYNOPSIS ONLY]
London without old people is just a factory floor
Making a difference in aged care: a geriatrician speaks
Making a Difference in Challenging Environments
Making a Life-Saving Difference: Organ Donation and Consent
Making death easier makes life harder
Medicalising Normal Human Experience: The Example of Hormone Replacement Therapy
Monsignor Vincent Joseph Hunt
My Experience of Renal Failure and its Treatment
New Zealand Abortion Law to be “modernised so it is treated as a health issue” [Synopsis]
Oral Submission to the Justice Select Committee on the End of Life Choice Bill
Ordinary Means Extraordinary Means: A Valid Distinction?
Organ and Tissue Transplantation and the Catholic Moral Tradition: A Case Study in the Evolution of Moral Teaching
Organ Donation and Catholic Teaching: A Summary
Palliative Care: the Pearl of Great Price
Palliative Medication: The Need for Common Sense
Pastoral Letter on Conscience
Personhood and Human Dignity
Physician Assisted Suicide - Palliative Care
Please do not make a hole in the dike
Pope Francis on avoiding environmental catastrophe
Potential and Actual Persons
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Disability and a Catholic Ethic of Caring
Prenatal Testing Background
Preventing births of the poor: Birth control proposals and welfare reform
Promoting good discussion on public issues
Proposed Abortion Law Reform in New Zealand
Re-imagining Our Mortal Stuff: Finding Dignity Amongst the Matter of You (And Me)
Reflecting on Prenatal Detecting
Reflections of a Pastor
Reflections on Aging
Reflections on Post Abortion Care
Respect Life Sunday Pastoral Letter – Care for Our Environment NZ Catholic Bishops Conference
Response to ACART [1] Draft Guidelines on the Use of Donated Eggs in Conjunction with Donated Sperm
Review of the Abortion Laws in New Zealand: Submission to the Law Commission – May 2018
Richard Stith on the moral status of the human embryo and fetus
Rosa's Story
Some Facts about AIDS
Some Musings on Care for the Elderly in General Practice
Speaking from the bedside: palliative medicine and euthanasia don't mix
Speaking to a Secular Age
Spiritual care at the end of life What is spirituality?
Spirituality, Suffering and Dementia
Statement on Artificial Nutrition and Hydration
Stem cell research
Stem Cell Research in New Zealand
Stem Cells: The Ethical Debate
Stepping Out Into Aged Care - Acknowledging Possibility
Striking a Balance in Truth Telling
Submission on PHARMAC Decision Making Criteria
Submission on the Use of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis - Saviour Siblings
Submission to ACART on extending the storage period of gametes and embryos
Submission to ACART on Informed Consent and Assisted Reproductive Technology
Submission to ACART on Posthumous Reproduction: A review of the current Guidelines
Submission to ACART on Proposed Changes to Donation Guidelines and Surrogacy
Submission to the Justice Select Committee: End of Life Choice Bill
Submission to the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification
Submissions to the Health Select Committee Investigation into Ending One’s Life:
Surveying a Catholic Approach to Bioethics
Sustaining Compassion
Synthetic Life: Playing God? No, Not Yet.
The Abbeyfield concept
The abortion debate – an unhelpful dichotomy
The Biotechnology Debate: A Way Forward
The Buttons Project – Towards healing from abortion
The CDF Statement on Artificial Nutrition and Hydration: What Should We Make of It?
The Church's Response to HIV-AIDS in Oceania - Reflections on Three Workshops
The Complexities of Cloning
The Eloquent Voice of Conscience: Notes from a Conference
The Experience of Assisted Suicide in The Netherlands and in the State of Oregon in USA: What can we learn?
The Gardasil Vaccine – Is it Safe and Effective?
The Genetic Engineering Debate
The Genetic Symphony
The Gift of Poetry and Down Syndrome [SYNOPSIS ONLY]
The great divide in ethics over the mystery of human life
The hidden ideology of technicism
The History of Eugenics
The Hospice Movement in New Zealand - 25 Years On
The Last Word - The Catholic case for advance directives
The Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (LCP) in New Zealand
The Moral Case for Embryo Adoption
The Moral Status of the Embryo
The New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy 2006-2016 - A Critique
The Pain of an Abortion: It Can Take Years, Sometimes Decades! Stephanie Kitching
The Principles Revisited
The Pursuit of Wisdom
The rationale behind the euthanasia argument: is there a right to be killed?
The Restoration of Trust
The Right to Freedom of Conscience
The Role of Palliative Care
The Starfish Programme
The Trans-Pacific Partnership and issues of social justice
The Troubling Persistence of Eugenicist Thought
The Use of Gametes and Embryos in Human Reproductive Research: Determining Policy for New Zealand
The Voice of Your Despair
The Wisdom of Enough
This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs the Climate.
Toi Te Taiao: The Bioethics Council
Toi te Taiao: Use of Human Genes in Other Organisms
Understanding Conscience
Understanding Ethical Issues: The Clinical Ethics Model
Understanding the Use of Advance Directives in New Zealand
Unnatural selection: How animal euthanasia undermines the case for human euthanasia
Update on The Human Assisted Reproductive Technology (HART) Bill
Using the Internet to Research Bioethics: A Resource
Valuing the elderly and keeping them socially connected
Vatican Updates Catholic Teaching on the Dignity of Human Life
Vital Strategies for a Global AIDS Response: Pope John XXIII's Pillars of Peace
Wake Up to the Fierce Urgency of the Now
We need a society which cares, not kills
We won’t save the Earth with a better kind of disposable coffee cup
Whangai, Surrogacy and Adoption
What ‘Artificial Intelligence’ can teach us about humanity
When scepticism goes viral
Who Gets Born? A Response from The Nathaniel Centre
Why the elderly should fear euthanasia
Xenotransplantation: A Spiritual Perspective
Xenotransplantation: A Summary of the Theological and Anthropological Aspects
Xenotransplantation: Issues and Challenges
Youth Offending: Is it About Justice or Health?
[Synopsis Only] Mind the Gap: Every Pregnancy Needs to be Celebrated
[Synopsis Only] Reasons Women Seek Abortions
‘After-birth abortion’ a new euphemism?
‘Be careful what you wish for.’ Euthanasia and Rob Jonquiere’s ‘ideal’ society
“Every moment is an opportunity for greatness” (A Heschel)
“When we walk to the edge of all the light …”