Stem Cells: The Ethical Debate

Anne Dickinson and Michael McCabe
Issue 2, November 2000


All living things are made up of cells of various types. The human body contains millions of cells. A collection of similar cells specialised for a particular purpose is called a tissue. For example, skin tissue is made of skin cells, muscle tissue is made up of muscle tissue.


Coronary Artery Calcification Scanning : Ethical Issues of a New Diagnostic Test

Sharron Cole
Issue 5, November 2001

"Radiation zap test too risky, says Heart Foundation" was a recent headline in the local evening newspaper. The first two paragraphs of the article described how the National Heart Foundation did not support the technique for checking patients' hearts because "the technique is expensive, has not been adequately studied and carries the risk of giving a radiation dose equivalent to up to 400 chest x-rays". In response, the test's provider claimed the radiation figures were scare mongering and that there was good evidence for the value of the scan. [1]


Forward: In the Healthy Company of Tradition

Rob Greenfield
Issue 5, November 2001

In June 2001, Cardinal Thomas Williams officially launched a new Catholic entity, Aotearoa New Zealand Catholic Healthcare Limited. The formation of the company brought together sixteen Catholic congregations and entities that have a common interest in health care from a Catholic perspective. For a number of the founders it was the culmination of a long journey.


Editorial : Remembering Rosa

Michael McCabe
Issue 6, April 2002

Rosa Therese had a significant impact on the lives of many - myself included. I met her late one evening shortly after her birth in September 2000. Her parents, Peter and Rachel, had asked me to baptise her. She had been diagnosed earlier that day with a serious heart condition and was to be flown to Greenlane Hospital the following morning for further assessment and possible treatment.