The End of Life Choice Act 2019: Dangerous and Unwise

Young child held by elderly womanJohn Kleinsman highlights the flaws inherent in the final version of End of Life Choice Act that will be voted on in September; flaws that are now fixed in place and cannot be changed should the Act be approved by a majority vote. Full article here.

Abortion law reform

baby scan 2448810bOn 14/02/2020, the Abortion Select Committee sent its recommendations regarding the Abortion Legislation Bill to Parliament, recommending by a majority that it be passed with only very minor amendments. These fail to deal with substantive concerns raised by The Nathaniel Centre and the NZCBC in their submission to the Select Committee.


Bioethics, Politics and Slovenly Language: Lessons from History

typewriterJohn Kleinsman reflects on the use of language and terminology, noting that the words we choose not only reveal but also shape our thinking. The history of the Nazi genocide offers insights that are relevant for our time, insights that highlight the links between language and action.


Broad Alliance launches to oppose legalising euthanasia

CareAlliance20 March 2014

A coalition, assembled to oppose the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted-suicide in New Zealand, has been formally launched today at a function at Parliament.


Single Mothers are Saints

maryAndChildThese days any single mother who decides to keep her baby is a heroine … even a saint. Ironically, for those who identify as Catholic, greater courage may be required …” writes John Kleinsman, director of The Nathaniel Centre