Call to Action – What you can do


  • Find out as much as possible about the issue.
  • Talk about euthanasia with your family and friends.
  • Discuss the issue in the workplace and in other groups you are involved in.
  • Write a personalised letter to your local Member of Parliament using your own words and selecting 3 or 4 arguments. Avoid the use of form letters.
  • Visit your Member of Parliament to express your view – stick to the issue and do not mix it up with other issues.

 How to write to your MP:

  • Make sure you have the MP’s name and title correct and address him/her accordingly (Titles of MPs are available on the parliamentary website)
    (See:Members of Parliament)
  • Introduce your topic: Re: …………. so the recipient knows what you are writing about.
  • Introduce yourself and your interest in the topic.
  • Avoid religious or moralistic language. Be factual.
  • Make your points as succinctly as possible – keep to one page or less.
  • If you are quoting from documents or Bills etc., include references
  • Be polite – even if you feel very strongly on the issue. Abuse is not acceptable. 
  • Sign the letter.
  • You are able to write to any MP free of charge at:

Freepost Parliament
Parliament Buildings
Private Bag 18-888
Wellington 6140  



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